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Reflections of a working writer and reader



Posts added in September 2007

Presque vu XXIV

  I think it’s rather unfortunate that some of the coverage tries to pitch print reviewing against the new media. I think they complement each other very well. Salman Rushdie * Chances are that if you are a writer a little further down the food chain, but lucky enough to have an agent, they won’t […]

A Writer’s Notebook I

A teacher in the local arts college told me about asking her new intake of students what were the three best and worst things in the world. One of the young guys told her:

The best three things in the world: cakes, my girlfriend, and television.

And the worst three: death, sprouts, and opera.


  I tend to stay away from political prigs even when I am in sympathy with their cause. I can smell piety a mile away and prefer the company of sinners . . . Besides they might catch me eating a Big Mac. Sam Smith on Prigs in Public Life

Papa’s Place

The view over Sun Valley from Ernest Hemingway’s house in Ketchum, Idaho. This is the house in which the writer ended his life in 1961.

Take a Woman Like Your Kind To Find the Man in Me

Film director Todd Haynes has made a Bob Dylan biopic called I’m Not There in which six different actors portray the singer-songwriter. Here is one of the shots to emerge from the set. Cate Blanchett as Dylan from around 1965. Others who play Dylan in the film include Christian Bale (3-10 to Yuma), Marcus Carl […]