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Posts added in June 2007

Do Publishers Know Anything About Literature?

Tom McCarthy’s article in TimesOnline takes mainstream publishers to task: . . . the art press Bookworks has just commissioned a series of novels to be guest edited by the artist-writer Stewart Home; the art publisher Sternberg Press recently won acclaim from the TLS for Bedlam, a novel by Jennifer Higgie, the editor of the […]

Telling Stories

In recent years we have seen a resurgence in the art or craft of story telling in the west. This at the same time as these forms are being neglected and lost in what we euphemistically call the developing world. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, the Nigerian novelist (Purple Hibiscus) talks of a sense of loss because […]

He’s gone

Tony Blair, British Prime Minister, left Downing Street yesterday after a farewell world tour and will now, no doubt, join the international lecture circuit where he will be offered bags of gold for his memoirs. In the Times Online site, Peter Stothard assesses the man’s legacy in as fair a way as possible. We all […]

“Fame Exhausts Me”

In The Guardian, Aida Edemariam interviewed Alice Walker, the author of The Color Purple. In her first memoir, Black, White and Jewish (2000), her daughter Rebecca remembers how “Daddy sits in sometimes with the rifle and the dog waiting for the Klan to come”; in The Same River Twice (1996), Alice writes of her own […]

Is Poetry Less Literary Than a Novel?

Angie Schiavone in The Brisbane Times has an article on The Arrival, a book by illustrator Shaun Tan, which has taken top honours at the New South Wales Premier’s Awards. Tan, along with other award recipients at the Sydney Writers’ Festival, was asked, to give a reading from his book. “I think I’ll just say […]