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Posts added in May 2007

Have We Abandoned the Enlightenment?

The Guardian Science Experiment at the Hay Literature Festival put together Richard Dawkins, Steve Jones, and Martin Rees. Dawkins kicked off by reminding us that although we live in a global village, we should not forget the presence of global village idiots. He said that the main question behind the assembly of the panel was […]

Jerry Falwell recincarnated in Poland; Tinky-Winky in trouble

In Warsaw, Poland’s conservative government attempts to curb homosexual propaganda. Tinky Winky and the other Teletubbies under house arrest.

Firing Blanks at Hay

Some panels and events at all festivals are, of course, great, while others don’t even get off the ground. Hay on Wye (Arthur Miller once asked: Is that something you eat?) is no exception. Murder – A Beginner’s Guide, with Kathy Lette and John Mortimer was one of the events that didn’t work for me. […]

What’s Left at Hay?

A debate by the authors of two recent books, each in their way challenging the current parameters of Liberalism, both in the UK and the USA, brought together a crowd of perhaps four hundred people at the Hay Festival. Stephen Marshall’s book, Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing, examines what he sees as the sell-out of American […]

Rain All the Way at Hay

The Hay Festival is a canvas village. With the rain pelting down all day today (it never paused for a second) the walkways were all sodden, the clientele even wetter. But I’m already ahead of myself. Last night we went to bed around 1.00 am, the same time as the wedding guests were leaving. We […]