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Posts added in December 2006

Happy New Year

* * * I’m not a Buddhist (or anything like that), but this guy sits alone in the grounds of the University here and we had a little chat this morning. I got the impression that it’ll be OK, 2007 . . . * * *


I first posted this on the 3rd September 2003: ‘Perhaps the most striking illustration of the influence of uniforms to affect or alter role perspective is reported in the “Uniform Experiment” (Tenzel and Cizanckas, 1973). In 1969, the Chief of Police of the California community of Menlo Park, in the interest of professionalising the role […]

Learning to Write XV

Having written one novel and worked your way through the minefields of publication, you may find yourself pondering the possibility of doing it all again. You may find yourself saying (not to your publisher or agent, but to someone altogether closer – perhaps even yourself): I want to write a book, another novel, but I […]

Out-takes XXI

The magician stepped into the walk-through metal detector and a loud bell sounded. A uniformed man twice Danny’s size came towards him. The man had a long truncheon attached to his belt. ‘Put your watch and cash and any metal objects on the tray,’ he said. His manner was not polite. He didn’t seem to […]

‘My bread’ – Virginia Woolf

In Joan Russell Noble’s Recollections of Virginia Woolf Louie Mayer, the Woolfs’ cook at Rodmell from 1934 to 1969, describes how Virginia Woolf taught her to make bread: But there was one thing in the kitchen that Mrs Woolf was very good at doing; she could make beautiful bread. The first question she asked me […]