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Posts added in August 2006

Saving Caravaggio by Neil Griffiths

The first chapter sings out with the tones of a siren. Griffiths voice, his eloquence, entices us in. He brushes aside our protestations. We want to urge him to be more careful, we don’t want to be told, we want to be shown. But he communicates through a third-person, a character without literary aspirations, the […]

Five Questions: Terminal Chaosity

1. Why do you blog? Good question!! Originally I started blogging because I was bored. I was jobless and poem-less and while sometimes less really IS more, sometimes it’s just not enough. I had planned on blogging only poetry related subjects and then I quickly realized that I had as much or more interest in […]

Five Questions: The Writing Life

1. Why do you blog? I blog to surround myself with like-minded people – kindred spirits – especially writers working towards publication. The support I get from my ‘blogging friends’ is unmeasurable. Also, it’s motivating for me to read about other writers’ journeys. Along the way I’ve learned to care about other aspects of their […]

Five Questions: Steve Thorn Blog

1. Why do you blog? You always hear aspiring authors lament about finding the time to write. I am happily married, have five children, work full-time and do freelance on the side, and I still find time to write. It’s usually in minutes that I can steal throughout the day, but I’m still writing. I […]

Five Questions: That Girl Who Writes Stuff

1. Why do you blog? I blog out of frustration. Most of my favorite books were found by accident or a search so precarious it would make Indiana Jones cry blood. That shouldn’t be the case. My blog is my way of making things a little easier for readers. 2. Which author and/or book has […]