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Reflections of a working writer and reader



Posts added in March 2006

moblogging emile zola

Hi emile, i’m sitting in a small courtyard in = central York with a black coffee and a mobile phone. No computer. The = coffee is hot and slightly bitter. I sometimes think of you writing Nana by = candle light with some kind of quill. This note is written with my mobile.

Here it comes again. . .

That feeling. It’s when a particularly long piece, like a novel, is finally in the bag. You know you’ve finished it. It’s over. It was your life for the last so many months, maybe years. And now it’s gone. It’s out in the world on its own little feet. While you were involved with it […]

Winged with Death

A boy has to peddle his book, said Truman Capote. And with that in mind I’ve published the opening chapter of my latest novel, Winged with Death, on this blog. It’s rather lengthy, but you don’t have to read it all. It will be published by Flambard Press in March 2009. I believe it was […]

Dress to Kill

“Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. I did an original sin. I poked a badger with a spoon.” “Say five Hail Marys and six Hello Dollys.” Eddie Izzard

Lund Gallery – an exhibition

Today we were at a new gallery to see the work of Ruth King, Peter Baker and Alex Cooper. We were easily tempted to buy one of Ruth King’s pots – – and intrigued by the work of York based, Peter Baker (no relation), who uses marble dust and plaster to coat the faces of […]